Who cares about cats and their pajamas…

Welcome to My Site!

Hey guys, welcome to my blog! I’m still a little slow with all of this so feel free to check out what I’ve got so far and hopefully I’ll be able to pick things up pretty quick!

For now, I’ll use my home page to let you know what I’m obsessing over atm (anime/manga, games, books etc.). That way, you only have to look at one page before you decide to hate me and never visit my blog again…eh heh.

What I’m Watching

I’m almost always watching more than one series at a time but I’ll post my favorite for the week and you can check out the others here!

The winter season just started so I’m watching quite a few at the moment, but this one’s really sticking out: Hamatora. It’s got a little bit of everything good; supernatural powers (similar to Darker Than Black), psycho twisted bad guy (similar to Psycho Pass) and a couple of badass main characters to pull it all together. Check it out!

Sorry for the lack of subs.

What I’m Playing

This one’s a little more static than my watching habits but if a games really good I’ll pick it up over and over again.

I caved and bought a Playstation 4, even though I wasn’t really excited about any of the release games, so I picked up the latest Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. I loved the first two games in this series but I hadn’t played any of the others and to be honest I was kinda turned off by the whole pirate thing at first but then I realized I was being silly cause what better to mix an assassin with than a smexy pirate…right? Anyways, not the greatest game of all time or anything but it’s pretty fun and the PS4 is really pretty…

Ridiculous trailer right?

What I’m Reading

This’ll be the book I’m currently reading. Well, at least one of them.

I’d been putting the Wheel of Time series off for a while cause well, it is like 13 books long and I had about 15 other books in line ahead of it. But the One Power sent down a divine intervention in the form of a sale at my local bookstore, and voila! I’m lovin it so far!

Goodreads Page


What I’m Mangawrangling

Again, at least one of them. I’m usually reading 6-10 different stories at a time and again you can find the others here!

While this manga can be a little…confusing at times, I’ve really enjoyed it as a whole. Psychic Detective Yakumo (Shinrei Tantei Yakumo) is about a guy who can see ghosts with his neato left eye. He does the most effective thing possible for someone in a situation like his and he solves mysteries with the help of his ghost friends and the local police. It can be a little hard to follow, especially if there’s a  long break between scans *ahem* I mean, chapter releases, but it’s still pretty entertaining.

Wiki Page


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