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Welcome to My Site!

Hey guys, welcome to my blog! I’m still a little slow with all of this so feel free to check out what I’ve got so far and hopefully I’ll be able to pick things up pretty quick!

For now, I’ll use my home page to let you know what I’m obsessing over atm (anime/manga, games, books etc.). That way, you only have to look at one page before you decide to hate me and never visit my blog again…eh heh.

What I’m Watching

I’m almost always watching more than one series at a time but I’ll post my favorite for the week and you can check out the others here!

I recently got around to watching Durarara!!, just in time it seems for a new season. Honestly, I don’t know why I waited so long. It’s an awesomely unique show with fun characters and thrilling story lines. If you watched Baccano! and enjoyed it, check this one out…and visa versa; same sort of backwards story telling, with multiple stories linking together in fun ways.

The original trailer:


Durarara!! Season 2 trailer:

What I’m Playing

This one’s a little more static than my watching habits but if a games really good I’ll pick it up over and over again.

So, I’m always playing Guild Wars 2, but it has to be the highlight for this week since they just announced the first official expansion last weekend, Heart of Thorns! If you haven’t played or you’ve been thinking about playing, I highly suggest it. It’s a great MMO for both oldies and newbies.

And the original game trailer:

What I’m Reading

This’ll be the book I’m currently reading. Well, at least one of them.

I’d been putting the Wheel of Time series off for a while cause well, it is like 13 books long and I had about 15 other books in line ahead of it. But the One Power sent down a divine intervention in the form of a sale at my local bookstore, and voila! I’m lovin it so far!

Goodreads Page


What I’m Mangawrangling

Again, at least one of them. I’m usually reading 6-10 different stories at a time and again you can find the others here!

I am absolutely hooked on the series called Noragami. Normal teenage girl Hiyori gets thrown into the world of gods and demons when she tries to save the god Yato from being hit by a bus, and instead gets hit herself. Luckily this doesn’t kill her, but now she has a sort of half phantom thing going on which allows her to see gods, demons and souls more clearly. Gods in this series use weapons called shinki or regalia, which are basically refined human souls. Yato, and his shinki Yukine, become fast friends with Hiyori and the series follows their interactions while they try to get Hiyori back to normal. Everything about this series is totally up my alley. Humans interacting with the supernatural? Check. Neato weapons that are actually people sort of? Check. Gods that are humorous as well as super badass? Double check. Add a touch of romance and a juicy back story and you’ve got my most favorite things in one soup pot. There was also an anime released this past year that is worth a watch too, though I will throw in that I like the direction that the manga goes much better than the anime this time.

Noragami 1



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